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Catastrophism Opposite of uniformitarianism Idea that earth was created via a few violent events over a short amount of time Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics Idea that traits obtained by a parent will be passed on to the offspring Ex: muscle Idea is widely rejected Natural Selection Theory that organisms with an adaptive trait are likelier to survive and reproduce in their environment Mutation The only way to get TRUE variation A change in DNA (in only 1 location) that creates either an adaptive or maladaptive trait Gene Flow Transfer of genes and alleles to another population due to migration o There isn’t separate human species Genetic Drift Evolutionary changes that affect allele frequency Produced by random events and as a result of small population size Recombination Doesn’t change allele frequencies, just moves them around Hardy-Weinberg Theory that under ideal conditions, the distributions of alleles will be in equilibrium
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studyguidepart2 - Catastrophism Opposite of...

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