studyguidepart3 - Ancestral traits • Traits that are...

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Analogous different Homologous The same Scientific Method A series of directions to test and create a theory Hypothesis A suggestive response for a scientific question Theory A widely accepted IDEA that has been tested by the scientific method and experimented on Falsification Nucleotide Basic units of DNA molecule Composed of a sugar, phosphate and base DNA bases Adenine-thymine Cytosine-guanine Messenger RNA Used because DNA can’t pass through the nuclear membrane Dominant allele Characteristic that prevails (T) Recessive allele Characteristic that is overpowered by the dominant allele (t) Genotype
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Phenotype Founder effect Chromosomes 23 pairs Sickle-cell trait Trait that is both adaptive and adaptive Helps prevent malaria, but a full blown case could cause sickle cell anemia Cladistics/cladogram Look towards finding a common origin
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Unformatted text preview: Ancestral traits • Traits that are derived from a common ancestor and are widespread among a group Derived traits • Traits that are characteristics to certain groups or individuals within a population Primates • 3 natural groups-prosimians, tarsiers, and anthropoids New World Monkeys • South and Central America • Platarrhines, arboreal, some have tail, walk with palms down • Frugavore, sit up straight while eating • Forelimbs are not especially long Old Work Monkeys • Catarrhines, most widely distributed-Africa, Southern Asia, Northern Japan • Have tails, variety of locomotive patterns, some arboreal, mostly quadrupeds palms down • Have ischial callosity Prosimians • Most like ancestral • Laurus and lemurs • Dental formula 2:1:3:3 Modern synthesis...
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studyguidepart3 - Ancestral traits • Traits that are...

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