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Wegener First introduced idea of geographic isolation via continental drift/plate tectonics Plate tectonics The movement of continents based on the “plates” that are controlled by environmental factors Continental drift Continents move in relation to each other Geographic isolation One population being separated from all others Leads to speciation Speciation Process in which a new species forms from an old one Anthropoid Humans and apes o Chimps, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, etc Estrus Time of ovulation for primate in which males know to mate Sympatric Allopatric Nocturnal Sleeps during the day stays awake at night Diurnal Sleeps at night, awake during day Social grooming
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Cultural way of showing dominance or protection or appreciation or care for young Adaptation Ability to change based on environmental surroundings Somatic cells Cells used for repair
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Unformatted text preview: • Replaces body cells • Must be duplicated exactly • Undergo mitosis Gametes • Sex cells • Undergoes meiosis Anthropometry • Measurement of human skeletal bones Ethnocentric • Belief that your own culture is better or more advanced than another Evolution • The theory that species change over time because of environmental factors Primate paleontology • Binomial nomenclature • Process of classifying organisms into two names (homo and sapiens) Taxonomy • classification Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) • mitochondria is an organelle that deals with converting energy for use by the cell • subject to mutation • only inherit from mother • look at evolution to get examples from where we really came from Protein synthesis • Allele frequency • How common it is for an allele to appear...
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studyguidepart4 - • Replaces body cells • Must be...

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