test3part2 - • Carbon-14 Dating • Potassium-Argon...

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Great Apes Gorillas, orangutans, chimps, bonobos Lesser Apes Gibbons, siamangs Orangutans Largest arboreal, smart, Asian great ape, Brachiation Use arms for locomotion, swing from tree to tree Nonhuman Primate Behavior Habituation The act of “getting used” to something Prehensile Ability to grasp or hold Opposable Opposable thumb-can reach over and touch hand/other finger Piltdown Anthropological hoax, used orangutan and human bones to construct false skull Fluorine Analysis
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Unformatted text preview: • Carbon-14 Dating • Potassium-Argon Dating • Adaptations for Bipedalism • Foramen magnum, pelvis, femur bones Rafting Theory • Theory that certain species left Africa on a raft Homo habilis • Homo erectus • Pliocene • Paleocene • Miocene • Eocene • Holocene • Dental comb • Series of teeth positioned closely together on the mandible in the shape of a comb Grooming Claw • Claw used for personal grooming-found on Prosimians...
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test3part2 - • Carbon-14 Dating • Potassium-Argon...

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