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2 - The Great Depression World War II The Marshall...

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Industrial Revolution Three Waves 1790-1895-starts in London localization, steam, textiles, iron 1850-1870-moves to core of Northern Europe diffusion, steel (greater durability, less weight), machine tools, railways 1870-1920 reorganization, core-periphery, electricity (change social interactions) Imperialism-the intentional exercise of military power in  Economic and military domination Global expansion-need more resources (similar to capitalism), innovations in ship  World War I-waste of human life and resources
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Unformatted text preview: The Great Depression World War II The Marshall Plan-George Marshall (Eisenhower’s boss)-effort to rebuild Europe through the program of lend/lease Iron Curtain (churchill speech in westminster, Missouri 1950s) Buffer zone States som Command economies-soviet union had them-resources would be distributed across the classes and the govt would control the resources and ensure that society had access to the basic needs for survival for social life Industrialization Agglomeration economies Egalitarian society 1989-Collapse...
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