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Industrial Revolution Three Waves 1790-1895-starts in London o localization, steam, textiles, iron 1850-1870-moves to core of Northern Europe o diffusion, steel (greater durability, less weight), machine tools, railways 1870-1920 o reorganization, core-periphery, electricity (change social interactions) Imperialism-the intentional exercise of military power in Economic and military domination Global expansion-need more resources (similar to capitalism), innovations in ship building & navigation, invention of chronometer World War I-waste of human life and resources
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Unformatted text preview: The Great Depression World War II • The Marshall Plan-George Marshall (Eisenhower’s boss)-effort to rebuild Europe through the program of lend/lease Iron Curtain (churchill speech in westminster, Missouri 1950s) • Buffer zone States som • Command economies-soviet union had them-resources would be distributed across the classes and the govt would control the resources and ensure that society had access to the basic needs for survival for social life Industrialization • Agglomeration economies • Egalitarian society 1989-Collapse...
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