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Regions -west Africa, east Africa, and south Africa -The Horn, equatorial Africa, Indian Ocean, Islands and the Sahal (divides rainforest and desert) -42 mainland countries 6 island nations 2 French territories 688 million people auragraphic ITCZ, north atlantic drift, etc Horn of Africa-Somalia-Pirates kidnapped the Americans and killed them Geopolitical Chokepoint-connected Mediterranean to the Indian ocean---
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Unformatted text preview: connects Europe to India & East Asia Resources-volcanic rock-crystalline rocks-minerals Sedimentary rocks-fossil fuels Major Landforms Plateau continent-basins (watershed, area where river system drains a geographic area), highlands, rift valley, escartment (high sided) Tectonic activity, separating, long lakes Rivers-congo, Zambezi-victoria falls-niger, orange, Limpopo...
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