12 - o Silver and gold o Lead zinc tin and iron o Bauxite...

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Shared languages Common history European colonialism Religion-“culturally catholic” Independence-19 th Century Sub-Regions Central America The Southern Cone-its shaped like a cone (argentina, chile, Uruguay, Paraguay) The Caribbean-all of those islands The Andes 5000 miles long highest point—22,830 feet The Amazon River 2.3 million square mile basin 20% of the world’s fresh water slow moving water, broadly diffused The Amazon Rainforest 100,000+ species The Altiplano The Caribbean Basin Tectonically Active o Volcanoes along the Reign of Fire Montserrat
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o Earthquakes Volcanoes o Rich soils Mineral Wealth
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Unformatted text preview: o Silver and gold o Lead, zinc, tin, and iron o Bauxite • Energy o Oil and natural gas Mexico and Venezuela o Coal Climate Intertropical Convergence • Equatorial rainforests Tropical Subsidence • Sonoran and Chihuahuan Deserts-Mexico • Altacama Desert-Chile Trade Winds • Seasonal rainfall Topography • Orographic lifting • Rainshadow effect Altitudinal Zonation Classification of environment and land use • Changes in climate and vegetation with elevation • Lower-warmer • Higher-cooloer o Tierra Caliente, Tierra Templada, Tierra Fria, Tierra Helada • Different agricultural activities for each zone...
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12 - o Silver and gold o Lead zinc tin and iron o Bauxite...

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