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14 - repression panama-1958-120 students di in...

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Monroe Doctrine -formulated in 1823 put into practice 1846 with war declaration against mexico and annexation of territories including California and Texas 1898-declaration of war with spain and the annexation of Puerto rico, guam, philippines and Hawaii 1912-marines invaded and occupied Nicaragua until 1933 1900-1946-interference in the internal affairs of mexico, cuba, Dominican republic, Colombia –provoking sucession of panama in order to build the canal) 1946-founding of schoool of the americas-pt gullick, canal zone guatemala-1954-cia organized coup against the democratically elected govt president jacobo arbenz leads to 30 years of dictatorship, violence and
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Unformatted text preview: repression panama-1958-120 students di in confrontations with American soldiers giving rise to a series of protests against US control of the Panama Canal Zone argentina-1976-1983-argentina’s military launches a coup with the support of the US govt. the military regime produces 30k missing personas and record external death el Salvador-1980-1992-75k people killed and 8k left during civil war while us supports successive military govt with more than %00million per year Colombia-2003-2009-president pastrana puts in motion the Plan Colombia (bill Clinton) a program eradicating the growing of coca and the elimination of opposition to his us financed govt...
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