nativenotes2 - Establish your bravery-ignore treaties...

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Establish your bravery-ignore treaties 1830-Indian groups were considered dependant proclamation line-1790-nobody take lands beyond this point-couldn’t be enforced Indian department created in U.S. govt-within the war department in 1824 they changed the name to Bureau of Indian Affairs Wanted to make them assimilate Now promote culture, provide services, manage millions of acres of Indian land 1970 manifest destiny 1865-ALL Indians should be put on reservations then-everything was dealt with through the military Indian peace commission-impose peace by force Education.conversion.transforming economies Dawes Act-General Allotment Act of 1887 Indians work with land-sell what they cant work with to the whites Pay taxes on lands that they own-land was divided individually within a tribe Send kids to school and remake them into “whites” (boarding schools) 1960-these classes turn into regular schools Indian New Deal-new director to BIA-John Collier-get away from assimilation and towards cultural pluralism
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nativenotes2 - Establish your bravery-ignore treaties...

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