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nativenotes5-plateau - northern part of western America...

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northern part of western America cultural area is shared broad kinship ties trade networks are regional-access to people that surround them and then they have more access exstend from great basin up into southern Canada coast mountains and cascade mountains and rocky on the east northern area-has pine and oak trees-more mountainous warm summers-cold winters, lots of rainfall in the winter 6 inches of rain in the year most essential resource-salmon plant material-pine nuts, acorns, prehistory- 14000-10000 years not a lot of evidence, most is inference people lived in small, highly mobile groups found clovis points-where food is driven off archaic-
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10000-contact small groups climate starts to cool off dependent on salmon fishing congregating in larger groups in semi-permanent villages stored food contact- 1805-first time they see europeans-lewis and clark Hudson bay took over the area Missionaries moved in 1836 and treated anyone that wouldn’t covert very poorly Diseases- 1846-intent was to civilize natives
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