nativenotes9-northeast - Holland Impact-disease genocide...

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Primarily farmers, but relied on h/g Three sisters-corn, bean, squash and also planted sunflowers Great lakes provided fish North parallel Changes in trees Temperate climate-lots of precipitation Prehistory Paleoindian-ice age Mastodon were common Most well known site is in Pennsylvania called maedowroft Archaic period-more settlements 6k years ago-start to see cemetaries eastern woodland period pottery cultivation of native plants adena complex develops-number of related urban cultures burial mounds, small occupation sites Hopewell-interaction-sphere Commoners cremated, elite buried in lavish mounds Hopewell eventually declines-maybe it was overpopulation, climate change, trade? Fishermen and traders come-summer, temporary camps, leave in fall 16 th century-big change English-colony at roanake, Jamestown, Plymouth French align themselves with hurons English align themselves with Iroquois
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Dutch established colonies for farmers coming from Holland English conquered new Amsterdam and named it new york-dutch retook it-new
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Unformatted text preview: Holland Impact-disease, genocide, warfare Iroquois confederacy-model for our constitution Women had a strong voice-matrilineal Academic research-rely on missionaries, traders, govt records for info New york-lewis henry morgan-worked with Iroquois-ethnocentric 1950s-anthro focus shifts-julian steward-how adapt to environment political organization-bands, tribes (sometimes called nations), confederations warfare-for these cultures, it was important aspect of their culture, way to gain prestige, way to avenge try to wipe out territories lineage that owned farmland groups that depended on farming were matrilineal PDA not allowed Matrilocal Market economy-shell-medium of exchange Longhouses-communal, 150 feet long, 20 feet wide, broken up into apartments, stored food Body art Saw advantage of guns-material culture Rewewal ceremonies Feast of the dead-every few years, some were removed from burial location and rebury them Tribes are trying to reorganize...
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nativenotes9-northeast - Holland Impact-disease genocide...

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