8 - violence Martyrdom Revitalization movements

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Religious Violence 18:48 Religious base is often subsumed Religion-patterns of behavior and ideology-very resilient Links between religion and violence-transcendental moralism, ritual intensity, cosmic war, under attack Certainity is the key Vague goals-stakes are eternal We are the true people-they are not Violence is justifiable-part of the struggle Religion is also about power/politics Religion as a social control Crusades Jihad Sacrifice-when someone comes to harm or dies for religion-an action of
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Unformatted text preview: violence Martyrdom Revitalization movements Christianity-fundamentalist-right to life-Army of God manual-how to manual on how to sabotage abortion clinics, time to kill book-Christian identity-True Christians-white, site chapter and verse with conviction, they are defending Post-millenium-have war and Christ will come back after the war-takes 1,000 years Aum shinrikyo Islam hamas...
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