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Language: Natural Language: Regular -3 criteria that outlines a “true” language: 1) language is regular , it is governed by rules and grammar. 2) language is arbitrar y. What specific sound is assigned to represent a concept is completely arbitrary, 3) language is productive. This means that there are almost limitless way to combine words to describe objects, situations and actions. Infants have impressive propensity for learning language and actively experiment with novel word and sound combinations that have never been explicitly taught.) The Whorf-Sapir Hypothesis -Some researchers have suggested that language may influence how we perceive and experience the world. (This is known as the Whorf-Sapir hypothesis.) -Evidence supporting this hypothesis comes from a study of the Piraha, a tribe of hunter- gathers in Brazil. The Piraha language contains only 3 counting words corresponding to one, two and many. According to the strongest version of the Wharf-Sapir hypothesis, this tribe should have trouble understanding fine numerical concepts because the language lacks words for these fine distinctions. Gordon experiment on the Pirahas and realized that
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Language - Language Natural Language Regular-3 criteria...

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