Counter-Terrorism Law and Practice: An International Handbook

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Unformatted text preview: C OUNTER - T ERRORISM I MPLEMENTATION T ASK F ORCE CTITF United Nations Volume 1 September – December 2010 T he BEAM e News p2 Letter from the CTITF Chairman p3 Secretary-General Urges Agree- ment on the Comprehensive Inter- national Convention on Terrorism p3 CTITF Tackles Terrorist Use of the Internet p4 UN Consolidates Response to WMD Terrorist Risk p5 Central Asia: New Focus of Regional Strategy p6 Supporting Victims of Terrorism p7 Former Terrorists and Victims Speak Out p7 CTITF Launches Public-Private Partnerships Model p8 CTITF Boosts Human Rights Protection p9 Promoting the Counter-Terrorism Global Strategy p9 I-ACT: Integrated Assistance for Countering Terrorism Initiative p10 Activities of CTITF Office continues on page 2 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE Doves are released as part of the ceremony at United Nations Headquarters in New York in observance of International Day of Peace. UN Photo/Mark Garten 2010 Review: Stimulus for Renewed Counter-Terrorism Commitment The Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force (CTITF) Chairman Jean-Paul Laborde has applauded Member States for their renewed unwavering commit- ment to combat terrorism. In a resolu- tion adopted by consensus at the second biennial review of the United Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, the General Assembly reiterated strong and unequivocal condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, “by whomever, wherever, and for whatever purposes”. 2 CTITF The BEAM eNews Volume 1 September – December 2010 “I am humbled by the tenacity dem- onstrated by Member States to combat terrorism and I am eager to see that the commitments made during this review translate into concrete action” Laborde said in an interview with The Beam . The resolution reaffirmed that the primary responsibility of implement- ing the Strategy rested with Member States. It also recognized further the need to enhance the important role the United Nations, including the CTITF, played along with other international and regional organizations, in facilitating and promoting coordination and coherence. Although Member States and the UN system have made headway in imple- menting the Strategy, the progression has not been as rapid and comprehensive as many had hoped, a concern Laborde ech- oed. “We have not yet reached the depth the implementation requires. Terrorists have not relented and the situation has deteriorated in some parts of the world. We need to implement the Strategy in totality”, he said. The full implementation of the Strategy has in part been hampered by insufficient in-depth knowledge of the Strategy’s provisions. Increasing pub- lic consciousness and understanding of the Strategy and the work of the CTITF and supporting its implementation was the prior- ity, Laborde said. “The prob- lem is that the Strategy was not promoted enough following its adoption and also no adequate resources were committed to launch an aggressive in-depth knowledge campaign. We have to publicize the Strategy in the field...
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