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Counter-Terrorism Law and Practice: An International Handbook

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I 3rd Meeting l8 October 2007 3:00 p.rn. Trusteeship Counci I Clharnber Workirrg Group of the Sixth Committee on Measures to Eliminate Intemational Terrorisnr Statement by Ms. Maria Telalian (Greece) on the bilateral contacts concerning outstanding issues relating to the draft comprehensive convention on international terrorism 't-hank you very much Mr. Clrairman. Irollowirig my statement on Monday, 15 October, fuilher bilateral contacls with delegations were held this week, on Tuesday, l6 October, and Wednesday, I 7 C)ctober. 'I"he purpose of these bilateral contacts was 1.o provide delegations with funher opportunities to discuss the text containing elements of a package to the clutstanding issues surrou.nding the draft comprehensive convention, which were presented in February during the last session of the Ad Hoc Comrnittee. In particular, it was hoped to ascertain whether those elements could help to move the process forward. In the colrsultations and soundings, the Chairman and the Coordinator sought to firfther clariff how these elements ought to be contextualized in tlre scheme under the draft convention, in the light of views cxpressed, both during the Sixtlr Committee debate on lneasures to eliminate intentational terrorism and the bilateral contacts-
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of certain considerations, including: the irnportance not to affect the exercise of the right of peoples to selfdetermination, the need to capture concerns relating to "State terrorism", the satisfactory resolution of matters concerning potential irnpunity of military forces of a State and the necessity to clearly delineate between activities falling under the scope of the draft convention and those governed by international humanitarian law In the overall scheme of the draft comprehensive convention all tlr.ese aspects are addressed in draft article 18. It is, however, irnportant to . .-'-'.,.-/-'-\r'v emphasize at the outset that an appreciation of draft article 18,-.I!9* constituent eiements have to. be .193d 3s t ylole, would_8"*ll_g-ojptt. witlrout relating it to the other articles of the draft convention, in particular' draft article 2, which provides, for tbe purpose of the draft convention, the criminal law definition of act.s of terrorism. Paragr^aph I of draft article 2 is il; ^;J i;.;#; ;;;"*J ;irh-;r"law-tu-1" ""nauJ
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