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Operations Research (OR) University of Northern Virginia Reading: Chapter 2 Basic concepts and methods to learn from the reading: 1. The graphical method is only applicable to two variable LP models. In the graph, one of the decision variables (usually x 1 ) is the horizontal axis and the other decision variable (usually x 2 ) is the vertical axis. This composes the x 1 , x 2 plain where the value zero on the two axises intercept. 2. Algebraic geometry is used for the graphical method 3. Two different points uniquely define a straight line passing them 4. If the coordinates of any two different points are known, a unique straight line can be plotted. 5. When using the graphical method to solve the LP problem, first plot the x 1 , x 2 coordinate system (x 1 , x 2 plain), then change all the constraints into equations by changing the “ “= and “ ” operators into the “=“ operator and plot the straight lines represented by the equations. The original constraint corresponding to each
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