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Operations_Research_Week_1 (1) - Operations Research(OR...

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Operations Research (OR) University of Northern Virginia Dr. Yingwu Fang Week 1 Reading: Chapter 1 Basic concepts to learn from the reading: 1. History and definition of Operations Research 2. Alternatives, restrictions, and objective criterion of OR 3. Decision variables, objective function, constraints 4. Feasible versus optimal solution 5. Modeling of OR from real world problems 6. Two variable versus three or more variable OR problems 7. Types of OR problems 8. The Graphical Method that is used for two variable OR problems Week 1 Assignment Answer the following questions (using your own words is preferred but not required): 1. What is Operations Research? 2. What is mathematical modeling? 3. What are feasible solutions? 4. What are optimal solutions? 5. What are the three main components of an OR model? 6. What is linear programming? 7. What is integer programming? 8. List three other OR techniques 9. What are the principal phases for implementing OR in practice? Problem Set 1.1A on pages 3-4
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Operations_Research_Week_1 (1) - Operations Research(OR...

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