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Study Skills - Study Skills: Make clear and accurate notes...

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Study Skills: Make clear and accurate notes Come to class prepared Minimize distractions Organize your notes Review your notes Review your notes as soon as you can. Reviewing your notes directly following a lecture will make sure that (1) you understand your notes, (2) you understood the lecture and (3) it will help you to concrete in your mind the concepts and information you learned. Write down questions Improve Note taking: Listen for meaning Adjust your note taking style to the lecture : Poor listeners try write-down everything, believing a detailed outline and effective notes are the same thing. They get frustrated when they cannot see the meaning behind what they are writing down or they go to review their notes and don't understand the concepts that were taught in class. Concentrate and pay attention Poor listeners frequently are poor concentrators. Effective listening requires that you concentrate and pay attention. Remove all thoughts of home, friends, fun and ancillary activities from you head while the teacher is speaking. Learning to focus and concentrate will help you become an effective listeners and much more effective student. Focus on whats important Poor listeners focus on fact. They may retain a few of those facts, but the information is usually garbled. Effective listeners focus on main ideas, fundamental concepts and vital issues. Effective Listening: Develop good study habits. Good study habits will not only prepare you to address test material but they will also provide you with confidence that will help to reduce unhealth test anxiety. Be prepared. Being totally prepared for a test is the most important thing you can do to reduce anxiety. Knowing that you know the material on the test will provide you the confidence you need to overcome anxiety and the ability to perform. You've got good reason to be overly anxious if you go into a test unprepared. Don't cram! Cramming for tests can leads to text anxiety. If you'll prepare for your test ahead of time you'll be able to reduce a lot of test anxiety associated with last minute cramming. Get adequate exercise
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Study Skills - Study Skills: Make clear and accurate notes...

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