A dictionary - A dictionary also referred to as a lexicon...

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A dictionary , also referred to as a lexicon, wordbook, or vocabulary, is a collection of words in one or more specific languages, often listed alphabetically, with usage information, definitions, etymologies, phonetics, pronunciations, and other information; or a book of words in one language with their equivalents in another, also known as a lexicon. According to Nielsen 2008 a dictionary may be regarded as a lexicographical product that is characterized by three significant features: (1) It has been prepared for one or more functions . (2) It contains data that have been selected for the purpose of fulfilling those functions. (3) Its lexicographic structures link and establish relationships between the data so that they can meet the Further, each word may have multiple meanings. Some dictionaries include each separate meaning in the order of most common usage while others list definitions in historical order, with the oldest usage first needs of users and fulfill the functions of the dictionary. In many languages, words can appear in many different forms, but only the undeclared or unconjugated form appears as the headword in most dictionaries. Dictionaries are most commonly found in the form of a book, but some newer dictionaries, like StarDict and the New Oxford American Dictionary are dictionary
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online dictionaries accessible via the Internet. Alphabetical dictionary : The alphabetical order being the main essential in modern use. There is, however, historically no good reason why the dictionary should not be logical or chronological. The tradition of alphabetical arrangement probably developed because it served the convenience of reference: it is easier to find an item if it is located at the appropriate point in an alphabetical list and nearly all reference books in daily use follows the dictionary tradition. Alphabetical order Alphabetical order is a way to sort (organize) a list. It makes it easier to find a name or a title in the list. It is done by following the standard (usual) order of letters in an alphabet. Andrea
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A dictionary - A dictionary also referred to as a lexicon...

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