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CEE 304 - UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS IN ENGINEERING Second Prelim in class on FRIDAY Nov. 9, 2007 open book, open notes. Topics on exam: Continuous random variables including LN/Gumbel/Weibell (§ 4.1-4.5), Multivariate Random Variables (§ 5.1-5.2, § 5.3-5.5), Estimators (Ch. 6: § 6.1-6.2), Confidence intervals (§ 7.1-7.3 but not CI for proportions or σ in 7.4), and Simple Hypothesis Testing (§ 8.1-8.2, 8.4-8.5 - only one-sample tests.) ___________________________________________________________________________ Homework #9 Due: Monday Oct. 29, 2007 Read: Devore 7.1-7.3, 8.1-8.2 (We neglect discussions of proportions.) Goal: We have discussed various estimators. This assignment addresses the meaning of confidence intervals and how they are computed. A vehicle for developing this understanding is the Monte Carlo simulation capability of MINITAB or DataDesk. That capability allows you to experiment with your own random samples, and to observe the sampling properties of the sample mean and sample variance. The last two problems provide an introduction to hypothesis testing, the focus of this week’s lectures. All this material is on 2nd prelim. Assignment These assignments are written to use Minitab, available at most campus computing facilities. Students can also obtain a free license for a year from CIT – the web link was provided in the very first handout. Students may also use DataDesk which is on the ActivStats disk available on reserve at Carpenter. You may use either program . Start early on MINITAB/Datadesk problems, and they should be fun. Please write your answers for the computer assignments on a separate sheet of paper (or cut and paste the results) so that we can grade your work easily. In order to minimize the amount of paper generated by this assignment, I have indicated where graphs need to be submitted with the homework. Problems 1 – 5 use the random number generation capability of MINITAB or DataDesk to
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