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CARLETON UNIVERSITY DEPAFUTMENT OF ECONOMICS ECON 22oz A: ASSIGNMENT Please read the following instructions carefully: 1. Read the questions carefullv and show all your work clearly. 2. The assignment must be written in pen only. If you write in pencil then you do not have the option of revising votrr grade after vou get back your assignment. 3. The first page of your assignment should be a blank sheet of paper where you rvrite your name and student number only. 4. The assignment is due on the Tuesday, 5th of April at the beginning of the class. Late assignments will not be accepted. 5. Some of tlie problems requires the use of the computer software, EXCEL. The associated data can be downloaded from WEBCT. Please note, you must print a,rrd subrnit your EXCEL output with the a,ssignrnent in order to receive credit. Please do the following problems:
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C. ugs -lr - N J . A manulacturing firm produces a single product on three production lines. Because the lines were developed at different points in the firm's history, they use different equipment. The firm is considcr- ing changing the layouts of the lines and would like to know what effects different layouts would have
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