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Carleton University Department of Economics Economics 2202 A Statistical Methods in Economics and Business II Winter 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Gubhinder Kundhi OFFICE : D 886 Loeb Building PHONE: 613 520 2600 x 3759 EMAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Mondays, 11:35am – 12.35pm, Thursdays, 1:10pm – 2:10pm. PLACE: Tory Building 342 TIME: COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a continuation of ECON 2201. Topics covered include estimation and hypothesis testing with two populations, correlation, simple and multiple linear regression, analysis of variance, tests of goodness of fit and independence, and introduction to statistical computing. PREREQUISITE: ECON 2201 (or equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher, and ECON 1402 (or equivalent) with a grade of C- or higher. A grade of C+ or higher is required for continuation to either ECON 3706 or ECON 4706. REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Shanon, Groebner, Fry and Smith (2010 ), Business Statistics (2 nd Custom Edition for Carleton University) Prentice Hall. OR Shanon, Groebner, Fry and Smith (2008), Business Statistics (7 th edition) Prentice Hall. COURSE OUTLINE: TOPIC I: Statistical Inferences Based on Samples Chapter 10: Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for Two Population Parameters Chapter 11: Hypothesis Testing for One and Two Population Variances Chapter 12: Analysis of Variance Chapter 13: Goodness of Fit Tests and Contingency Analysis TOPIC II: Regression and Correlation: Relating Two or More Variables Chapter 14: Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis Chapter 15: Multiple Regression Analysis and Model Building
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ECON2202A, W11-courseoutline0 - Carleton University...

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