Syllabus (1) - BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS 73-348 SPRING 2011 TR...

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BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS 73-348 SPRING 2011 TR 01:30-02:50PM, BH 136A PROFESSOR: Elif Incekara Hafalir OFFICE: 246 Posner Hall OFFICE HOURS: W 10:00-11:30AM E-MAIL: PHONE: 268-5806 COURSE WEB PAGE: COURSE DESCRIPTION AND OBJECTIVES: This course introduces students to behavioral economics which is a subfield of economics that incorporates insights from other social sciences, such as psychology, into economic models and aims to explain the anomalies challenging some of the classical economic models. Pre-requisites: 21-112 or 21-120, and 73-150 TEXTBOOK: There is no required textbook for this class. We will read research papers related to the topics to be covered. All the readings will be posted on the blackboard. An optional textbook is "Introduction to Behavioral Economics" by Nick Wilkinson. READINGS: For each class, there will be one or two required readings. You are expected to read them carefully for each class. Do not delay to read them until the day before class as it will take time for you to absorb the material. The required readings are marked with an * in the reading list below. ATTENDANCE: Attendance is required to understand the material and consequently to be successful in this class. GRADING: The course grade will be based on quizzes (30%), a term paper (proposal (10%), presentation (10%), and a final version (20%); totally 40%), a final exam (25%), and contribution (5%). QUIZZES (30%) To encourage you to do the readings and to study the class material regularly, I will give quizzes at the beginning of Thursday classes almost every week. A tentative list of quiz dates are: 20th and 27th of January, 3th, 10th, 17th, and 24th of February, 3th, 17th, 24th, and 31th of March, 7th of April. Quiz questions will be related to the covered topics and covered or uncovered readings of that week. Two of your lowest graded quizzes will be dropped. This is an insurance for you in
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case you miss a quiz without a university approved excuse and documentation. Please use it wisely. FINAL EXAM (25%)
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Syllabus (1) - BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS 73-348 SPRING 2011 TR...

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