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Monday February 28, 2011 Last time: Continuous 2-Dim: Scatterplot, Linear Trends, Nonlinear Trends, Correlations, Sunfower Plot Today: 2-Dim Kernel Density Estimates; Visualizing Missingness Next Time: Lab 7 Announcements: Lab on Wednesday HW 6 due 3/2 12:30 in lab; Blackboard Folder; turn in paper copy Visualizing 2-D Density: can visualize as a whole using perspective plots 2-Dim Kernel Density Estimate: two-dim shapes on each observation; can choose bandwidth h and number oF “plotting bins” x1<-rnorm(100,0,1);x2<-rnorm(100,0,1) d.e2<-kde2d(x1,x2) persp(d.e2,xlab="X1",ylab="X2",zlab="Density") d.e2b<-kde2d(x1,x2,h=c(0.3,0.3)) persp(d.e2b,xlab="X1",ylab="X2",zlab="Density") Rebecca Nugent, Department of Statistics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2011 1
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Level Sets: cross-sections of the density Contour plots: concentric level sets contour(d.e2,xlab="X1",ylab="X2",main="Contour Plot of Kernel Density Estimate")<-kde2d(protein.c,pulse.c) contour(,xlab="Pulse Rate",ylab="Protein Level",main="Contour Plot . ....") points(protein.c,pulse.c,col=2,pch=16,cex=.7) Heat Map Images: “bird’s eye view of density”; color indicates frequency of area image(d.e2,xlab="X1",ylab="X2",main="Heat Map of Default KDE") image(,xlab="Pulse Rate",ylab="Protein Level",main="Heat Map.
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SContinuous2DVisualMissing-2-28 - Monday Last time...

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