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bio 2 lecture #17

bio 2 lecture #17 - Lecture#17 Producing Hyperosmotic Urine...

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Lecture #17: Producing Hyperosmotic Urine Nephron Structure – figure in notebook I. 2 capillary beds in series slow flow (portal system) II. Two series of tubes: a. Blood vessels b. Nephron tubules III. Close // arrangement of ascending and descending limbs of LOOP of HENLE Bowman’s Capsule Filtration: movement of fluid from blood vessels to nephron I. Driven by arterial pressure II. Contains water and all small molecules III. No cells or protein cross-over Flow –rate through renal artery = ~1200ml/min (note: 5-6 liters of blood/body!) Flow rate into Bowman’s capsule: ~125ml/min (filtrate) is still Iso-osomotic Urine:~ 1ml/min therefore, we need additional methods of absorption to account for 99% recovery Proximal convoluted Tubule A. Re-absorption: 70-80% of filtrate recovered here Figure: 44-15 Loop of Henle A) Functions a. Absorb more filtrate to reach 99% recovery b. Sets up mechanism to make hyper-osmotic urine B) Counter Current Multiplier a. Parallel tubes are in a loop b. Use energy to pump molecules to maintain a high local concentration gradient
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