bio 2 lecture 18

bio 2 lecture 18 - one kind of antibody i All antibodies...

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Immune System I. Function: Defense System A. Humoral Immune Response- a. “B’ lymphocytes produce specific antibodies (Abs) b. Proteins, secreted into body fluids; inactivate foreign components (e.g. viruses, bacteria) B. Cell-mediated immune response a. “T” lymphocytes directly destroy i. Foreign elements(bacteria, viruses) ii. Infected cells iii. Foreign tissues II. Lymphocyte Development Stem cells produce T via a 2 nd maturation at Thymus B lymphocytes produce B-cells directly figure 43-7 III. Antibodies (Abs) Secreted by B cells Recognize specific molecules (Antigens, An) that bind them “epitope” A. Structure: a. 2 heavy chains and 2 light chains B. Function: Antibody binds to specific Antigen removed or destroyed (2 binding sites/Ab cross-linking of antigens) C. Antibody specificity
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a. “Fit” of antigen to the antibody binding site very specific b. Many, many different antibodies diverse population of targets (antibodies) D. Antibody Diversity a. “clonal” selection: one B cell
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Unformatted text preview: one kind of antibody i. All antibodies from 1 B cell have the same specificity ii. Many antibodies = many different B cells IV. Humoral Immune Response • Foreign component(virus) appears in body inducing proliferation of pre-existing B cells already committed to making antibodies that recognize antigens (figure 43-15) • Figure 43-16 C. Construction of Antibodies a. # of antigens recognized >> # genes devoted to making antibodies “Gene rearrangement” b. A few DNA sequences encode “constant” region of Antibodies and many DNA sequences encode “variable” region of antibodies c. Early B cell maturation: gene rearrangement constant and variable = antibody d. Heavy Chains: 144,000/class (5classes of antibodies) e. Light Chains: 40,000/class f. possible combinations = ~ 10billion actual humans have ~ 2 million g. Figure 43-13 (gene rearrangement)...
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bio 2 lecture 18 - one kind of antibody i All antibodies...

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