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Notes Lecture 8

Notes Lecture 8 - 4 Parsitism a Well-adapted parasites b...

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Notes Lecture 8 Population ecology Biological community – an assemblage of interacting species Integrated hypothesis – a community assemblage of closely linked species locked into association by mandatory biotic interactions Individualistic hypothesis – community are loosely organized associations of independently distributed species with the same abiotic requirements Gaia Hypothesis – Earh is “superorganism” with tightly couple feedback loops 1. Competition(-/-) a. Competitive Exclusion – species with same niches cannot coexist b. Resource Partitioning – allows coexistence by different niches c. Fundamental Niche(could ) vs. Realized Niche (Actually) 2. Predation(+/-) a. Coloration: Cryptic = hides & Aposematic = warns b. Batesian mimicry – harmless mimics harmful species c. Mullerian mimicry – harmful mimics harmful species 3. Herbivory(+/-) a. Plant defenses – mechanical, chemical
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Parsitism(+/-) a. Well-adapted parasites b. Often host specific (Greenland Sharks) c. Can manipulate in many ways (Grasshoppers) i.e “Toxoplasma” less fear d. Parasitoids – explodes out of host i. Hyperparasitoids – parasitoid of parasitoid ii. Autoparasitoid – lay female eggs in different species iii. Polyembrony – 1 egg = 1000’s different rolls i.e queen & soldiers 5. Difference between Predators parasite etc. a. Predators – kill many b. Parasitoid – kill one c. Parasite – doesn’t really kill but rather live in host 6. Mutualism (+/+) i.e Acacia & ants 7. Commensalism(+/ not affected) i.e cows and birds 8. Different types of Species a. Dominant Species (#), Keystone Species (Vital role), Foundation (Beavers) 9. Species Diversity dependant on two factors: Richness & relative abundance...
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