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HCR 210 Week 2 Assignment U.S. Health Care Settings

HCR 210 Week 2 Assignment U.S. Health Care Settings - U.S...

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Unformatted text preview: U.S. Health Care Settings Nickey Tucker AXIA College of University of Phoenix Hospital Categories Critical access hospitals (CAH) General hospitals Specialty hospitals Rehabilitation hospitals Behavioral health care hospitals (Green & Bowie, 2005) Ambulatory Care Settings Outpatient care Free standing facility Health Clinics Ambulatory Surgical centers Hospital-based outpatient, emergency, and physician practices Hospital-based facility Ambulatory Surgery Outpatient department Emergency department (Green & Bowie, 2005) Behavioral Health Care Facility Chemical Dependency Program Crisis Service Day treatment Program Family Support Services Residential Treatment Facility Therapeutic Group Home (Green & Bowie, 2005) Types of Long-Term Care Adult day care Assisted-living facility Continuing care retirement communities long-term care hospital Residential care facility Skilled nursing facility (Green & Bowie, 2005) Managed-Care Models Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) Integrated Delivery System (IDS) Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Point-of-Service Plan (POS) Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Triple Option Plan (Green & Bowie, 2005) Home-Care Services Skilled Care Durable medical equipment Personal care and support Home infusion care (Green & Bowie, 2005) Government Health Care Facilities Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Federal Medical Centers (FMCs) Military Health System (MHS) Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Public Health Services (PHS) (Green & Bowie, 2005) Conclusion Ambulatory Care Behavioral Health Care Home Care Long-Term Care Managed Care Government Health Care (Green & Bowie, 2005) Reference Green, M.A. & Bowie, M.J. (2005). Essentials of health information management: Principles and practices. Clifton Park, NJ: Thomson. ...
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