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Records Administrations and Technicians

Records Administrations and Technicians - Records...

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Records Administrations and Technicians The Administrator in the medical records department ensures the integrity of the records department. This includes working directly with the technology staff assisting with the system that are used to store medical records and implementing the procedures as well as policies to maintain the data. A technician is a person who assembles the medical information, insurance, and other needed information and places the information into the system. The technicians also assemble the medical chart. The difference between the RHIA and RHIT is the RHIA is a critical link between the payers, patients, and care providers. They possess knowledge of administrative, medical, legal, as well as ethical requirements and standards related to healthcare delivery and the privacy of protected patient information. RHIT ensures the quality of medical records. RHIT can advance to management positions especially if he or she holds a bachelor’s degree. The exam for the RHIA takes approximately four hours to complete with 180
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