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Study_Questions_Lectures_1-12 - Study Questions(Covering...

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Study Questions (Covering lectures 1 – 12) The following is intended to help you review the course material. The study questions provide examples only and are not an exhaustive list of everything on which you may be tested. Ultimately, you are responsible for material covered in the lectures and all assigned reading for each topic. Lecture 1: Introduction How has the concept of health (or alternatively, disease causation) changed over time? What is the epidemiological triangle? Who are Galen, Koch, Pasteur, Snow & Semmelweis and what were their major contributions to the understanding of disease causation. Lecture 2: Key Concepts: How do the various definitions of health differ? Why is defining health challenging? What are the key determinants of health and what effect can they have on health status? How do „disease‟ and „illness‟ differ? What are the consequences of disease and illness? What is an indicator? Health status? Quality of life (QoL)? HRQL? What are some of the measures of population health and how are they defined? What are some of the indictors of health system performance and how are they defined? How do they differ from measures of population health? What data sources are used to measure population health and health system performance?
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Lecture 3: Demographics and Measures of Health Can you name three core indicators of health? What are the major determinants that affect infant/maternal mortality?
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Study_Questions_Lectures_1-12 - Study Questions(Covering...

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