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Professional and Business Ethics Jan8, 2009 Ethics - how you should live your life, how you should conduct yourself throughout life Morality - how you should treat other people Justice - how all of us should shape the basic social institutions which have the widest and deepest impact upon our lives e.g. government, the law, the economy, health care, etc Business - trying to make money, the legal pursuit as a free society Business Ethics - how you should conduct yourself as you go about trying to make money (compare this with professional medical ethics, which would be how you should conduct yourself as you go about caring for the sick and so forth) Why Care About Business Ethics? Overwhelmingly, the research shows that, generally, good ethics means good business though not absolutely always as it’s not a perfect world. Time and again, the case study literature abounds with instances of bad behaviour coming back to haunt the doer and to harm his/her bottom line. What Does it Mean to Behave Ethically? - point of ethics is to coordinate behaviour so everyone’s happiness can be pursued - Virtue Ethics- key questions who would Deontology- Consequentialism- 1. The Wisdom of Multiple Archives and Different Perspectives 2. The Wisdom of NOT Going With Your Gut 3. Minimizing Your Chance of Really Screwing it up and Getting in Massive Trouble 4. The Chain vs. The Table a. The table- has many legs, if one is kicked out it still has others b. The chain- all leads up to one point When confronted with a moral dilemma, ask yourself those 5 questions and usually you’ll find that the clear majority point a certain way. Thus, that’s great advice from the world’s top ethical traditions. Foolish to ignore it. . Pinto enron
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Why do People Behave Badly? 1. Ignorance, though this is not so plaudible for most adults 2. Weakness of Will a. You know what the right thing to do is but you are tempted in a situation 3. Self-Exemption from Universal standards a. People think they are better than others and can do as they please, standards apply to you but not me because I am special 4. Situational Pressures a. Whether you are under pressure or in a hurry has a huge impact of the ethical decisions you make 5. Mimicking Leadership (tone set from the top) a. Ethical tone is set from the top, and people follow the leader because the leader controls the reward structure (promotions, bonuses, etc), people at the top hire people just like them 6. Sociopaths a. 3-5% of any population is a sociopath (someone who has absolutely no empathy for anyone else, don’t care about other peoples pleasure and pain) b. 10-15% of CEO’s are sociopaths; people willing to work 16hrs a day just to make as much money as possible Teleology/Virtue Ethics Telos goal/purpose/end Logos study of Aristotle Eudemonia (pursuing well-being, excellence) - pleasure + external goods (more to being good than just virtues, you need the correct upbringing, have good parents with certain amount of money, health and
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phil215 - Professional and Business Ethics Jan8 2009 Ethics...

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