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WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY COURSE OUTLINE FACULTY MEMBER: Adjunct Assistant Professor: Gabrielle G. McClure-Nelson, CPA TERM: Spring Semester, 2010 COURSE TITLE: Intermediate Accounting II COURSE NUMBER: BAC 202 SEN01 OFFICE HOURS/METHOD OF CONTACT: [email protected] (610) 348-5218, office hours upon request I. SUPPLEMENTAL OBJECTIVES: N/A II. METHODOLOGY: A. Teaching Methods: Teaching methods are primarily lecture, discussion and problem solving. Come to each class session with the text book Come to each class session with a calculator. Class work, homework, and tests are to be done in pencil. B. Evaluation Procedures: Item Contribution to Grade Comment Participation/Attendance 10% Approximately 1% each class Exams 90% 3 exams; each worth approx 30% Exams: Three exams will be administered during the semester. Each exam will contribute about 30% for a total of 90%. The final exam is not comprehensive. Exam Make-up : Only 1 of the 3 exams may be made up outside of class and only upon presentation of documentation substantiating a valid reason for absence such as a doctor’s note. Granting a make-up exam is at the discretion of the Professor and will be handled on a case-by-case basis with the student. An exam make-up will be administered at the end of the course under the supervision of the professor.
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This note was uploaded on 04/15/2011 for the course ACCT 305 taught by Professor Allen during the Spring '11 term at Wilmington DE.

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BAC.202..SEN01.SP2010McClure-Nelson - WILMINGTON UNIVERSITY...

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