Who - Who, When, and Where in our Observations by using...

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Cell phone is being a product of modern technology and being more and more widely used for everyone. It's small in size, light in weight and easy to carry, offering fast and convenient service for communication. It's of multi-function. The users use it for calling, sending short messages and internet-surfing. In fact, if it were not for this technology, society as we know it would be absolutely different today. We have observed several areas where people use cell phone frequently. - In the School Cell phone has become more and more popular among university students. Quite a lot of students use it at school to keep in touch with their families and friends instead of writing letters, which, of course brings convenience to them. For instance, during the class break, they use cell phone to look for friends for studying, to chat with friends for waiting next class, and to communicate with family. - At home Cell phone is used for entertainment at home constantly. People use it for listening music, watching instant news, checking weather, and playing cell phone games to relax their life. It is not only for communication, but also making people enjoy their personal lives. -
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Who - Who, When, and Where in our Observations by using...

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