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Ch 1 * Supply Chain (supply network or supply web) – all stages involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request. *Includes manufacturers, suppliers, transporters, Warehouses, retailers, and customers. *Within company – SC includes all functions involved in customer req – (product development, marketing, operations, distribution, finance, Customer service/SC – Customer very important part. *Movement of products from suppliers to manf to distrib. * Supply chg stages – customers, retailers, distributors, manuf, suppliers. Obj of SC – max overall value created. * SC value – diff between final prdct is worth to customer and effort SC expends in flling cust req.*Value is correlated to SC profitability. Supply Chain Mgmt – mgt of flows between& among SC stages to max total SC profit. * SC strategy or Design – decisions about structure of SC & processes each stage will perform. Decisions Involved include long term and Expense – must take acct mkt uncertainty. * SC planning – set of policies that ctrl shrt term operations, starts w/ forecast of demand in coming year ./ Planning dec. which markets will be supplied from which locations? Planned buildup of inventories? Subcontracting, backup locations? Inventory policies? Timing and size of market promotions? W/ planning must consider demand uncertainty, exchange rates, competition over the time horizon. * SC Operation – Time horizon is weekly or daily/ dec regarding indvl custmr dates, generate pick lists at a warehouse, allocate an order to a particular shipment, set delivery sched, place refill orders/ much less uncertainty (short time horizon)* Process view of a SC – Cycle view – processes in a SC are divided into a series of cycles, each performed at the interfaces between 2 successive SC stages* Push/pull view processes in a SC are divided into 2 catg depending on if they are executed in response to a customer order (pull) or in anticipation of a customer order (push).* Cycle view of a SC – each cycle occurs at the interface between 2 succ stages, customer order cycle (customer-retailer)/ replenishment cycle (retailer-distributor)/ manufacturing cycle
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