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multivitamins - long as I am getting the right nutrition in...

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Knowing that there are several different kinds of multivitamins, you must also note that they each have different contents and doses as well. Some have less than the daily dosage for what the body needs, some are at just enough and others that are higher than the daily dosage for the body. Then there is the fact that you can look at the different bottles and see that some want you to take them once daily, twice daily or even three times a day. I want to say that I am including vitamins and minerals into my daily diet. I eat my servings of fruits, vegetables, meats and grains daily. I am not sure though on how much of each I am eating. I am sure though that I am getting an adequate amount of each since I am in great health and running smoothly. I do not take a multivitamin or any other “supplement” for that matter, as I think that as
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Unformatted text preview: long as I am getting the right nutrition in my daily diet that I do not need to replenish any lost minerals or vitamins. Taking supplemental vitamins do increase the daily total intake. Depending on the amount of vitamins and minerals intake from the food, if the amount is already more than what is required, it is possible that additional supplement can raise the level to toxic level. The iron for example, if more that what is needed is accumulated in the body it can cause iron toxicity because very little iron is excreted from the body and any excess accumulates in the tissues and organs. Generally taking more than what is required can cause fatal effects....
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