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The different types of communications trends that are out there are going to be used by many. In my day-to-day life, I use the different forms of communications, such as the internet, I use it to submit school assignments, and I use it for video conferences. This is a very co convenient feature to have, because you may not be able to attend a meeting so the next best this is to be able to see the person that you are supposed to be in a meeting with. These every day amenities help me to manage my time because I would not have to go running to meetings every day. Just think about it what if you have three to four different meeting that you had to go to in one day plus all of the work that was needed by a certain period. Well I find that this would come in handy because you could be doing the work that was needed, and then a period could be set for the meeting this way you could do it all at the time it is needed. Well I have not used any new trends in a work place because I am
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Unformatted text preview: currently unemployed, but if I were employed with a technical company that did not use these things on a regular basis, I would have them try it out just so that they could see how easy and convenient it would be to use. The internet is my best friend. I am a soon to be mother and I take classes on line, if I were taking classes in a traditional setting, it would be a little difficult because I would have to balance a lot more things, such as travel time and soon childcare. This is a good thing for me, because I will be able to watch my child and do my school work. I am not sure of the types of different communication trends, but I know a few of them which are the use of cell phones, the internet, fax, and the use of land line phones. There are several types, the ones that I just named are meant to be use on the go and some are not meant to be used on the go. The mobile phones that are out these days will let you see the other person on the phone such as the iPhone4....
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