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Assignment Cold War Ideology and Policies

Assignment Cold War Ideology and Policies - Before and...

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Before and during WWII, if I had a big gun I would probably aim it at you and shoot. The winner would be the one who forced the other to submit. During the Cold War, both sides had developed and deployed nuclear weapons. Both sides depended on the tactics of "deterrence" meaning I want to keep you from ever launching a nuclear weapon at me by being prepared to launch many more at you if you do. By presenting overwhelming threat of response if they launched a nuclear weapon with a number of fail safe features meaning we WILL have the capability to retaliate even if attacked we prevented them from attacking us. It worked. No one launched a nuclear warhead at anyone else. If someone had, both side would have launched multiple strikes time and again at primary and secondary targets ensuring that both military and population centers in both countries would have been wiped out. There would be no winner. The Cold War was a political, economic, and propaganda exercise with only limited
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