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It depends on the context you wish to use it in. If you are following a singleton pattern, everything in the class will be static. Generally static methods do not manipulate the instances of the object, but rather provide "utility" features. Use them in situations where it does not make sense to have it be a part of every single instance of that class. Like in C#, converting a string to an integer. The INT class has a built in static method called Parse(string number) that takes a string as a parameter and returns an integer. It makes sense that every instance of an integer does not need to have this method. Mifos uses
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Unformatted text preview: open source technology because it is cost effective. Open source technology is great because it is highly adaptable, and flexible. The Mifos software allows for business owners to organize their business. The user can view fees, funds, checklists, holidays, and offices. Users can also post reports on their business’s progress. They can post information about meetings as well. This software meets all the basic requirements for a small business. The leaders of the Grammen foundation hope that one day this foundation will be self sufficient, being that it is completely self sufficient...
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