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U.S. 309,922,351 World 6,860,693,542 19:37 UTC (EST+5) Aug 06, 2010 After thousands of years the number of births per year has leveled off about the year 1996. In addition the number of births per year is not predicted to change (within +/- 2%) for the next 40 years. The average number of births per year for the next few decades is: 133.2 million per year 11.1 million per month 2.56 million per week 365 thousand per day 15.2 thousand per hour 4.22 per second Deaths are currently at 55.2 million per year and are expected to climb to 89.5 million per year by the year 2050. When the number of deaths reaches the number of births there will be no population growth in the world. For the year 2008 the population gain is
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Unformatted text preview: 133.5 million births minus 55.5 million deaths = 78 million . This gain peaked at 87.8 million in the year 1989. By the year 2050 the gain will be 44 million. The effect of human overpopulation is already devastating to the ecosystem of planet Earth. Rainforests are disappearing, deserts are growing, rivers are being dammed - creating unnatural lakes above and draining lakes below. The entire cycle of erosion and deposition is being interrupted, species are being hunted, polluted or starved into extinction. All in all, we're crapping in our own nest at a phenomenal rate, yet so far we've been the only species (other than cockroaches and rats) able to wade through it with ease....
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