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Description of interviewee The person I have chosen to interview is my husband, John Galen Messersmith. Mr. Messersmith is a 24 year old male who is currently working as a Tire Tech for Discount tire and brake. His highest level of education is a Certificate of General Educational Development otherwise known as a G.E.D. Mr. Messersmith is currently planning on going back to school this summer after the birth of our first child which we will hopefully be welcoming in May of 2011. Mr. Messersmith plans on attending the University of Phoenix to gain his associates in criminal justice. With successful completion of his associates Mr. Messersmith plans to join a paid internship at The Federal Bureau of Investigation better known as the F.B.I. where he hopes to continue a promising career for many years to come. Now that you have some information about the interviewee I will begin the interview process since I now have the interviewees permission prepared . List of interview questions
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  • Spring '11
  • JessieH.L.Goldstein
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation, John Galen Messersmith, Mr. Messersmith, G.E.D. Mr. Messersmith

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