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McCarthyism affected the thoughts and lives of people around because it created an environment that was similar to Salem during the Witch Trails. Basically, people were afraid to say anything about/against government for fear of being called a communist. Being called such would easily exile them from any community, function, building and to be hunted in the same way a witch would back then. A similar example you can use is family guy, when peter makes a joke on how he convinced congress to go to war, he mentions that anyone who doesn't want to go to war is gay, which causes the room to burst out in agreeance about going to war. Just replace gay, with communist and there
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Unformatted text preview: you have McCarthyism The Soviet Union was a terrible institution, but not because it was communist. It was appropriate of the United States to oppose the murder and torture of dissidents, imperialism, and suppression of human rights enacted by the Soviet Union. However, McCarthyism was focused on criticizing and ostracizing the ideology behind the Soviet Union (communism) and not the actions (which were evil and totalitarian). The communists McCarthy and his followers attacked were not, in most cases, advocates for the Soviet Union. Instead they were advocates of an ideology that seeks to achieve equality....
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