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Absolutely. Humans do not live in an isolated environment, and are thus subject to evolutionary pressures as are all creatures that inhabit the earth. Examples of some evolutionary pressures: Temperature extremes, such as in arctic environments, climate extremes, such as in sub-Saharan Africa, and so on. These types of environmental pressures can result in many challenges for humans. For example, starvation in Africa from crop failure, and new and emerging diseases from the tropics (e.g., Aids) put evolutionary pressures on humans. The one thing we have the ability to do is, as stated in your question, "shape our environment". We are extremely adept at responding to evolutionary pressures. That explains why we are so successful as a species. Nonetheless, we can and do face evolutionary pressure. In fact, you might think of global warming as the newest pressure we may face. Certainly, we may be the cause. But, regardless of the cause, global warming will change the climate and put pressure on humanity to adapt and
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