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Checkpoint Reagan’s Economics

Checkpoint Reagan’s Economics - With the...

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1. Reagan cut taxes for businesses and the wealthy. 2. Reagan inflated the DOD budget 3. Reagan deregulated the lending restrictions for savings and loans 4. Reagan's politicizes created a huge deficit and national debt along with high unemployment. His administration greatly increased defense spending, cut taxes and social services budgets, and saw a record rise in the national budget deficit & he signed an intermediate nuclear forces nonproliferation treaty. His policies were based on actual observation of what was already long-proved to work and on respect for America.
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Unformatted text preview: With the collapse of unions and the American wage, coupled with temporary employment services taking over most jobs markets, the business profits soared and investment confidence went higher, until consumers realized the hole they were digging themselves into, and quit spending. Then it all reversed and is righting itself to the way the economy should really look as a result of outsourcing. Its really called de-industrialization folks, when an economy goes from manufacturing to service industry. That isn't as good of a sign as Reagan worshipers claim....
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