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Problems at JetBlue On Valentine’s Day storm of 2007, JetBlue Airways, as many as other airline companies, experienced a very large number of flights cancellation; as a result of these massive cancellations, JetBlue faced a major company meltdown (at least 30 million dollars and its reputation blown) primarily due to inadequate information systems that were unable to handle rescheduling and tracking lost bags. JetBlue needed to incorporate new procedures and applications into an information system that would better support the company as a whole. JetBlue took several steps to resolve the above mentioned issues; more specifically, information technology became heavily involved as JetBlue’s upper management implemented solutions such as databases and applications in order to manage passengers’ rebooking online,
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Unformatted text preview: enhance the lost-bag tacking system, and notify passengers regarding canceled or changed flights as well as provide them suggestions or alternatives that would allow automatically rebooking the passengers on the new flights. As JetBlue’s CEO in charge of the operations, I would likely to have brought up the necessity to implement new information systems in order to make the company more competitive with other airline companies. Indeed, the new systems would put JetBlue in the condition to offer many of the features that its major competitors already provide. Furthermore, in the long term the new systems would help to increase company’s profits (Rainer & Turban, 2009). Reference Rainer, R.K. & Turban, E. (2009). Introduction to information systems (2 nd ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons....
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checkpoint_week5_xbis219 - enhance the lost-bag tacking...

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