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What is the purpose of existence? I believe this question honestly leaves a lot to be desired this is one reason I would really love to try and answer it! I believe that if we ask ourselves what the purpose of existence is we must first ask ourselves what we honestly believe our own personal purpose for existence is. Answering this question can be done from many views: personal, using religion and/or scientific. I will try and answer the question the best I can using all three of these views. Is our existence, our life, nothing but a random event, the leaf blowing in the wind, the ripple in the stream? If we suggest that there is a meaning or purpose superimposed on human life, what is the mysterious power that imbues our life with such a purpose or meaning? If this obscure power does exist, how does it manifest itself? If this obscure power does not manifest itself to humans in any objective form, it does not exist as far as humans are concerned. Therefore, it cannot convey a preordained or predestined meaning to our life.
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