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bild2_25 - BILD 2 Multicellular Life LECTURE#25 Website...

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BILD 2: Multicellular Life LECTURE #25 Website: http://www.biology.ucsd.edu/classes/bild2.WI11.1 Instructor: Darwin K. Berg ([email protected]) ANNOUNCEMENTS: 1) Final Review Session: Wed, Mar 16, 5-8 pm, 3500 Pacific Hall. Building entrance code that day: 701181 . 2) Final Exam: Fri, Mar 18, 8-10:50 am, WLH 2001. 3) Relevant Material for the Final Exam: a) A third devoted exclusively to the last third of the course. b) The remaining two-thirds: comprehensive (entire course).
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Fig. 47-3: Acrosomal and Cortical Reactions during Sea Urchin Fertilization Basal body (centriole) Sperm head Sperm-binding receptors Acrosome Jelly coat Vitelline layer Egg plasma membrane Hydrolytic enzymes Acrosomal process Actin filament Sperm nucleus Sperm plasma membrane Fused plasma membranes Fertilization envelope Cortical granule Perivitelline space EGG CYTOPLASM 1. Sperm contacts egg jelly coat, triggering exocytosis of sperm acrosome 2. Enzymes from acrosome make hole in jelly coat. Actin filaments form from the acrosome/sperm-head and penetrate the jelly coat. Proteins on the acrosome bind to receptors
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