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Race Essay

Race Essay - Running head RACE 1 Race The Power of an...

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Running head: RACE 1 Race The Power of an Illusion Lane Barnes Bluegrass Community & Technical College
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RACE 2 What is race and culture? These are basic questions central to the identity of many Americans and citizens of the world . The video “Race: The Power of An Illusion” examines the scientific reality concerning race – that there is no genetic basis for race . It also explores the development of the concept of race in America . Finally, it explores how institutions and policies give advantages and privileges to some and not others . Episode one, "The Difference Between Us," utilizes modern science to challenge ancient and venerable assumptions about race . This episode shows that despite what we've always believed, the world's peoples simply don't come bundled into distinct biological groups . The episode begins by following a dozen students, including Black athletes and Asian string players, who sequence and compare their own DNA to see who is more genetically similar . The results surprise the students and the viewer, when they discover their closest genetic matches are as likely to be with people from other "races" as their own . What they explain in the video is if you were to take a virtual "walk" from the equator to northern Europe, we see that visual characteristics vary gradually and continuously from one population to the next . There are no boundaries, so how can we draw a line between where one race ends and another begins? We also learn that most traits - whether skin color, hair texture or blood group - are influenced by separate genes . Having one trait does not necessarily imply the existence of others . Geneticists have discovered that 85% of all genetic variants can be found
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Race Essay - Running head RACE 1 Race The Power of an...

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