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LEGAL TERMS - 9 Impeach called into question 10 Medical...

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LEGAL TERMS 1 1. Breach of confidentiality - when information has been disclosed without the patients consent. 2. Confidentiality - information that is kept a secret and only the patient is allowed to authorize the release of the information. 3. Contempt of court - when someone fails to obey a court ordered subpoena that is punishable by fines or imprisonment. 4. Contracts - an enforceable agreement between parties 5. Court order - a written command or order that has been by a judge or the court. 6. Defendant - a person who a complaint is brought against 7. Deposition - a testimony outside of court 8. Disclosed - allowing secret information to be known
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Impeach- called into question 10. Medical examiner- a person who is medically qualified to investigate deaths or injuries that are unusual 11. Medical malpractice- when a health care provider behaves negligent manner and results in injury or death. 12. Negligence- when reasonable care results in unintended injury to someone 13. Plaintiff- the person who initiate’s a civil compliant 14. Privacy- information that can’t be released without the patients consent 15. Statute of limitations- a state or federal law that restricts the timing in which legal proceedings can be sought...
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