FallEng-1Course Outline

FallEng-1Course Outline - Dhaka,Bangladesh...

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AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY-BANGLADESH Dhaka, Bangladesh Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Undergraduate Program 1.  COURSE OUTLINE Academic Term: Fall 2010 Course Title:  English Reading Skills and Public Speaking  Credit Point Value:  3 Pre-requisites: Nil Nature of the Course: Core Course 2. Course Description: The course is aimed at strengthen students’ reading comprehension skills and enrich their  vocabulary by reading and reacting to a variety of adapted and authentic texts. Students  also improve oral communication skills for professional and social interactions through  extensive   pronunciation   and   conversational   practice.   Practice   includes   forming   and  communicating opinions on contemporary issues, developing formal and informal oral  presentations, giving and following directions, and narrating and giving explanations. At  the same time grammatical items like subject verb agreement and tense will be highlighted  in the presentations, discussions and practical exercises. 3. Objectives: 1
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The students are expected to learn a wide variety of techniques to support the enhancement  of their reading, speaking and presentation skills for all sorts of academic and practical  purposes — that would help them face challenging real life situations confidently and 
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FallEng-1Course Outline - Dhaka,Bangladesh...

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